Elmore James

Elmore James

Dust My Broom

These pages are dedicated to the famous blues song

"Dust My Broom / Dust My Blues"

We, Jacob Dyrsting from Denmark and Henk Maaskant from the Netherlands,are kind of addicted to the blues song "Dust My Broom". For many years already we are collecting versions of this song
This website gives a review of the more than 1700 versions We have in our collections. Choose one of the options to look at the collection.

Original version by Robert Johnson
Alphabetical List
Chronological and detailed lists
List of versions with no details
Lists by countries of recordings

"Dust My Broom": The Story of a Song - Article by Jas Obrecht

Latest additions:

Fleetwood Mac

Gin House & John Mayall

Sascha "Laschek" Wenzel

Georgi Minchev

Robin Youlten & Chris Scheri

The Cooking Crafish

Bobby Rush

Rio Bravo Blues

Blues Sem Seda

UNGFRIN GA OG BSI The Killing Wolf Claude Bohnke The Gentlemen Additons and remarks mail to Henk Maaskant or Jacob Dyrsting

Last update:January 20, 2021

Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson